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Good public transport adds value to home prices

11 Oct 2019
Reliable transport a key to home value + A two-year delay

Don't Look Back to Foresee the Future

03 Oct 2019
"Why are we so obsessed by past performance as an indication of future behaviour?"

Finally Sandton CBD is Becoming a Comfortable 'Neighbourhood to Live in!

27 Sep 2019
The "Square Mile", New Development, A Depressed Environment

An Agreed Occupation Date Is Better Than Occupation On Transfer

20 Sep 2019
An agreed occupation date is better than occupation on transfer

Cash Flush Banks and Spring Good for the Property Market

12 Sep 2019
South Africa's currently cash-flush banks have seemingly developed a bigger appetite for lending in the homes market than they have had for a long time.

The property light on the horizon is looking a bit brighter ... again!

23 Aug 2019
People who were once untouchable have fallen from grace for all to see.

2019 Show day home-selling set for seasonal uptick

16 Aug 2019
To buy a house, you need to personally experience the house. The digital route is no substitute at this point.

Moore's Law now a key consideration in home buying/renovating

08 Aug 2019
That's my best advice to aspirant homeowners as the impact of Moore's Law continues to gain traction, albeit indirectly.

Spare a thought for Estate Agents now earning less than 15 years ago

02 Aug 2019
There are too many questions that a buyer should receive answers for from a full-service agent that an online "agent" cannot answer.

Five other considerations when buying

19 Jul 2019
1. Establish clearly the boundaries of the property you're interested in.
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